Why dental implants?
Dental implants are the most natural looking and natural feeling replacement for missing teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants don’t slip or click when you talk, laugh or eat.

What are dental implants?
A dental implant is a small titanium post that serves as a substitute for the root of the tooth. A connector, known as an abutment, is placed on or built into the top of the dental implant. The abutment connects the implant to the replacement tooth. Finally, a crown (replacement tooth) is custom made to match your natural teeth, completing the dental implant.

How much do dental implants cost?
The average price for a dental implant is around $2000, but the actual cost can vary depending on your particular needs. The cost for an abutment is around $1000 and the cost for the implant crown is around $1400. Therefore, the cost of the entire replacement of a tooth is around $4400.

Do you offer financing for dental implants?
We do! We partner with Care Credit to make implants affordable to everyone. Dental implants (including the abutment and crown) can be paid for over 5 years for only $99 a month after $500 down.

How long does it take to replace teeth using dental implants?
Each patient is different. Total treatment time depends on your needs, medical and dental history, and the health of the supporting bone in your jaw. It can be as short as a few months.

Are dental implants safe?
Dental implants have been used for half a century and are safe and effective. It is important that you and your dentist review your health history and any habits which could affect the success of your recommended care, such as smoking, so that you are fully informed about the benefits and risks involved.

Does it hurt to get dental implants?
With the sedation techniques available at the time of treatment and helpful instructions for home care, many people report that they feel better than anticipated. Often, they return to work and daily activities the next day. While there may be some discomfort and bruising, this typically lasts only a short time.

How do I care for my dental implants?
Well-placed and cared for dental implants have the potential to last for decades. Caring for teeth restored with dental implants is just like caring for your natural teeth: brush, floss and visit your dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups.

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