Dentist near meOne of the most popular searches that people use to find a dentist is “dentist near me.” How important is it that your dentist is local?

To oversimplify the answer, there are generally two types of patients. Those that seek out the best dentist in the “area,” and those that just choose the dentists closest to their house (or sometimes work).

The patients that choose a dentist based on the “area” are seeking care that they think will be better than care they have experienced. Often times, patients have visited the most popular dentist in town, had an “okay” experience, and have thought to themselves: is there a better dentist out there? Sometimes patients are willing to travel a little further to see a specific dentist. We not only have patients from other states (Pennsylvania is a popular one), we have patients from other countries! I’m not making this up. We have a patient that is currently living in Europe that consistently visits our office every 6 months. Of course, if a patient travels far for their dentist, they may have an issue getting to that dentist in a timely manner.

How far is too far to travel for a dentist?

Good question. I frequently hear “I decided to change dentists because even though I like my last dentist, I can’t keep driving an hour to their office.” My advice is to find a dentist that you love and that you are comfortable visiting their office at least twice a year. If that means finding a dentist right here in Chester, great. Whatever works best for you.

Why see a local dentist?

I believe that people are less likely to procrastinate going to the dentist if the dentist’s office is close to their house (or work). Since prevention is the key to avoiding potentially costly treatment, I actually recommend utilizing a local dentist as long as that dentist provides superior care. I can’t stress that enough. If your dentist isn’t providing you with the care you deserve, you should consider driving a little further.

Where do I start?

Read reviews of local family dentists and choose the best dentist in your geographic area! As I said in my post titled Top Dentist? Says Who…,  I think that word of mouth is generally a good method for finding the best dentist. If you’re new to the area, I actually believe that Google reviews are a good starting point. Most (if not all) towns have local Facebook groups that often get asked “ISO best dentist.” The problem is, those questions tend to turn into popularity contests, with the largest practice getting the most recommendations.

Best of luck finding a dentist! If I can help in any way, please reach out to me!