MetLife PDP Plus dental plan

MetLife dental insurance - dentist in Chester, NJMetLife is one of the largest dental insurance companies in our area. Some major companies around Chester use MetLife for their dental benefits. Companies like: Apple, Bank of America, Bed Bath & Beyond, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan Chase, Nestle, Novartis, Pacira, Pfizer, Selective Insurance, Tiffany, United Airlines, Givaudan, Colgate, Crum And Forster, Deutsche Bank, Equinix, Ernst And Young, Evonik, Home Depot, Honeywell, IBM, Merck, Pepsi, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Saint Clares, and even the US Government, just to name a few.

Every company’s plan with MetLife is going to be slightly different. For example, Novartis has the following benefits:

2 exams are covered per calendar year. All exams fall under this limitation (comprehensive/new patient, periodic, emergency, periodontal)

A complete series of X-rays (FMX) or panoramic X-ray (pano) is covered once every 60 months (or 5 years)

2 cleanings per calendar year. Not every 6 months (which is nice!). That means you can get your cleanings whenever it’s convenient for you, and not have to adhere to the strict once every 6 months policy.

Fluoride is covered on children only, up to age 14, and only once per year. It’s too bad that fluoride isn’t covered twice a year, and up to a later age.

Sealants are covered on permanent molars only (not wisdom teeth, which is totally normal). They’re covered up to age 15, which is great, because your child should have all of their teeth by then (except for their wisdom teeth).

Everything else about the plan is standard, with the exception of periodontal maintenance.  The Novartis MetLife plan actually provides benefits for 4 per calendar year, which is better than 2!

If you have any questions about your MetLife plan, please let me know. If you have a plan other than MetLife, and you’d like some questions answered, don’t hesitate to call, text, or email!